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Support Request: Multi-Factor Authentication


For SiteRemote, do you have any plans to permit account logon to come from an identity provider such as "MS Azure AD"? Or at least provide a multi-factor authentication option?

We are keen to use SiteRemote, but the single factor logon is a concern.

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Re: Multi-Factor Authentication 21/12/2018 09:05
Please see my answer here:
Re: Multi-Factor Authentication 21/12/2018 16:22
Hi, you've referred me to another ticket, but I cannot see it's contents.
Re: Multi-Factor Authentication 21/12/2018 16:23
It was your requesst from 10th December:

There is no multi-factor authentication implemented to SiteRemote but you can add active directory accounts via LDAP when having your own SiteRemote Server installation.
Please see here for further information:

Michael Olbrich