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Support Request: Disable Kiosk Reset when Screensaver is invoked.


In the screensaver settings, I noticed that the Kiosk will reset when the screen saver comes on. Is there a way to disable this? I need to have a screensaver without having the Kiosk reset itself along with the running applications closing every time.

Réponse: (3)

Re: Disable Kiosk Reset when Screensaver is invoked. 28/01/2019 16:11
From a security standpoint, it is not possible to disable the resetting of SiteKiosk when the screensaver activates.Your best option, If you do not want to use the screensaver, is to put in a large amount of time for ex 9999999 before the screensaver activates so that it doesn't activate.
Re: Disable Kiosk Reset when Screensaver is invoked. 29/01/2019 15:45
Thank you for answering my question. I understand there is a security aspect of resetting the kiosk after prolonged periods to avoid another person from jumping onto someone else's session. However, different companies will have different needs. Our company for example only uses a single desktop application that if it's all of sudden restarted without the user clicking close, it could cause database corruption. I would like to see a setting that allows an admin to disable the kiosk reset after invoking the screensaver or even an option to disable the screensaver all together. Maybe in a future update. If you could also pass this feedback along would be very appreciated as well.
Re: Disable Kiosk Reset when Screensaver is invoked. 31/01/2019 16:53
After some testing, you can deactivate the screensaver in the config file by right clicking on the config file and opening it with notepad and searching for <screensaver enabled="true"> and change it to "false"