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Support Request: Browser refreh


we have sitekiosk but its getting refesh every 30 min , is there any way to refresh this every 5 min

Réponse: (3)

Re: Browser refreh 08/03/2019 15:45
When you say refresh do you mean the screensaver? You're able to change the time the screensaver activates under the screensaver section in the configuration.
Re: Browser refreh 08/03/2019 16:13
we have some internal website to show in site kiosk that is getting data every 5 min so we want to refresh Site Kiosk browser to get refresh every 5 min ..

as of now we are refreshing by restarting the siteKiosk
Re: Browser refreh 11/03/2019 14:28
Unfortunately there isn't a function to refresh the website itself without using the screensaver or using the restart function in the maintenance section of the configuration editor