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Support Request: Rented Kiosk


We rented a kiosk from a company which has gone out of business. This company did not provide us with any passwords for getting to the opperating system and an error has developed with our printer settings. We've tried to restart the PC in safe mode but with no luck. Can you please provide us with a way to fix this?

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Re: Rented Kiosk 02/04/2019 17:42

SiteKiosk 6 is out of support for a long time. Here are some general hints regarding your request.

If you have the SiteKiosk license data available you can use the general password, see 2.2 here:

If you don't have this information available you can try if anything from here will help:

Note that we cannot help you with any Windows user names or passwords to gain administrative access to the system. These have been set by the person who configured the machine.