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Support Request: Can't seem to print when in 'Protected' Mode


Installed SiteKiosk, set my system to 'Unprotected', installed my network printers (no monitoring), set system back to 'Protected' and when you try to print and hit the print button nothing happens (Using the windows print dialog). If I run SiteKiosk as an admin, printing is fine and if I run 'Unprotected' printing is fine. Not sure what I am doing wrong here.

Also, if I run 'Customized' security and uncheck 'Prohibit Printing', I still can't print.

Any help is appreciated!

Réponse: (2)

Re: Can't seem to print when in 'Protected' Mode 20/05/2019 15:02
When you added your printers, did you make one the default printer in the restricted user account? That is the account that runs the program when its in autostart.
Re: Can't seem to print when in 'Protected' Mode 22/05/2019 17:23
That was it. Thank you!!