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Support Request: Pop-up behind Sitekiosk-window


Pop-up-windows doesn´t pop-up in front of Sitekiosk as expected. Have tried with different skins and settings. It´s the yellow marked line in attached file that doesn´t pop. It works on the PC when not running Sitekiosk.
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Re: Pop-up behind Sitekiosk-window 04/06/2019 10:15

Usually SiteKiosk 9.1 is out of support but here some general information.

When selecting the “Chrome Browser” Skin new browser and application windows always display in the foreground.
In case you use an IE based skin (e.g. Metro IE) you may enable the option “Keep the SiteKiosk main window in the background (not TopMost)” at “-->Start Page & Browser-->Advanced”.

Michael Olbrich