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Support Request: Need to join the partner program


Hi , We are keen to join your partner program and want to know whether you have a API platform which would be supported for integration of Web Applications.

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Re: Need to join the partner program 26/06/2019 15:33
The IE based skin uses the IE Webbrowser Control of the installed Internet Explorer within Windows as browser engine.
When choosing the Chrome Browser skin (this is selected by default when creating a new configuration file) SiteKiosk uses a Chromium CEF engine installed with SiteKiosk.
SiteKiosk 9.7.5026 uses “Chromium 73.0.3683.75 Windows 32 Bit”

SiteKiosk contains has an SiteKiosk Object Model that lets you further customize your look and experience for customers.
Free Object Model Script Samples are available for download to any developer who is creating custom solutions.

- General Information about customizing SiteKiosk:
- SiteKiosk help:
- SiteKiosk Object model help for IE based skins:
- The SiteKiosk Object model help for Chrome Browser Skin can be requested by e-mail:
We also have more tips and tricks in our developer blog

Here is our information page on becoming a partner: