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Support Request: PDF are loading very slowly in browser



On all three sitekiosks (connected by cable) in-browser pdf's are loading extremely slowly. We have verified the network but no issues were found. When we try to load these pdf's without the sitekiosk software the time to load is much better. We have tried with both browser IE en Chrome but no improvement. Can you give me some advice to solve this issue please ? Thanks in advance.

Version 9.5 build 4033 (SKP 979245)

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Re: PDF are loading very slowly in browser 05/08/2019 10:11

SiteKisok 9.5 is out of support (the most currrent version is 9.7.5026) but here some general notes:
There is no setting to accelerate the loading of web pages or PDF documents in SiteKiosk. It generally applies to the machine and network performance.
The Chrome Browser Skin uses a Chromium CEF engine installed with SiteKiosk and has an integrated PDF viewer.
The IE based skins are using the IE Webbrowser Control of the installed IE and uses the Adobe Reader (must be installed separately) to display PDF files in the browser.

Also note that SiteKiosk deletes the temporary Internet Files and Cookies on each logout / screen saver activation in opposite to other browsers that can load these files from the cache.

Michael Olbrich