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Support Request: create 2nd template


Hello, I used a current configuration file to create a 2nd image/screen and even though I saved as a new name, that image loads when I open the original file. Even if I use a back up copy. Do you know why that is happening and how I can have 2 separate images/screens. I have 10 licenses and I need one of them to have different content. Is that possible? Please help. Thanks!

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Re: create 2nd template 09/08/2019 16:00
It sounds like you are probably referring to the Start Screen start page template that lets you design a start page with buttons links. That information is not stored in the SiteKiosk configuration file. That information is stored in the content folder at C:\Users\Public\SiteKiosk\content\. You need to copy the whole content folder over to the new machine. After changing the Start Screen design and saving it, make a copy of the content folder and overwrite that folder on the new machine.