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Запрос поддержки: sitekiosk crashed and no keyboard


I sent a config file to site kiosk from site remote and rebooted the system.

When it re-launched, sitekiosk logo hung on the system for many minutes, then the installer came up with an error creating sitekiosk.exe (insufficient privilages) Cancel Retry Skip.

Retry repeated the same message
Skip continued and gave the error on multiple other files
Cancel closed the process and left the sitekiosk logo on the screen

Quit site kiosk using the command and logged into the admin account

tried to repair the program but was still unable to right to the folder


same issue

however now when I exit the user area the keyboard does not work at all, having to use onscreen

unable to uninstall the software as a 'required file is missing'

I deleted the registry entries for the program (using onscreen keyboard) and the files on the hard drive.



Re-licensed from USB


Still no keyboard controls

The keyboard still works fine before windows loads and when using teamviewer the remote keyboard still functions

Site kiosk has been re-installed however the keyboard is still non-opperational. please advise how to resolve this.

Ответ: (3)

Re: sitekiosk crashed and no keyboard 19.11.2018 13:18

Usually SiteKiosk loads the emergency configuration if loading the original configuration file fails.
But it seems that the auto start mode with keyboard lock is still active while SiteKiosk doesn’t start.
If SiteKiosk doesn’t start you will have to disable the SiteKiosk keyboard lock using the emergency key combinations.

To do so, press these standard keyboard combinations:
1st key combination

Ctrl left + Shift right + Backspace

2nd key combination

Alt + Shift right + Delete 

Pressing these two keyboard combinations one at a time will disable the keyboard lock and allow you to use your keyboard again.
Make sure to press the keys of each combination simultaneously.

Afterwards, you will be able to use the keyboard again to log on to the system.

For more information, refer to the FAQ entry "Disabling the keyboard lock".

If that doesn’t help you may check this FAQ:

Michael Olbroich
Re: sitekiosk crashed and no keyboard 19.11.2018 15:00
Hi, pressing these keys does not resolve the issue, the keyboard still does not work (I can't even turn numlock on/off).

I also now note that there is 2 copied of sitekiosk attempting to run on startup

Can you advise how to prevent the keyboard lock on startup? and the registry keys to check for sitekiosk trying to run twice?

Re: sitekiosk crashed and no keyboard 19.11.2018 15:30

In that case I would advise using the description “If none of these steps worked.
Editing the Windows Registry is now your last resort.” At this FAQ to get access to the system again:

When having access again you may do a repair installation, check the SiteKiosk configuration with the configuration tool and then first test SiteKiosk in “Start once” mode before activating the “Auto Start” mode again.

Michael Olbrich