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Запрос поддержки: 2 instances of site kiosk on autostart in morning


We have an ELO touchscreen with ECM running Win 10 set to turn off at night and back on in morning (using the RTC scheduling built into the display). When it turns on in a.m. and sitekiosk starts there is a message saying 2 instances are running. It is not part of the Windows Start up and I looked in the log files and it says SIteKiosk ended abruptly when the computer was shut off.IF I restart then there's no problem.
Is there a recommended method for auto shutting down and restart in am that will resolve this issue?

Ответ: (3)

Re: 2 instances of site kiosk on autostart in morning 03.12.2018 23:05
Alternatively, you could use the Maintenance settings of SiteKiosk to turn the monitors on/off or sleep/wake the system. If you use the Windows shutdown option in the Maintenance settings, you will need to use the BIOS to boot up the PC.

If you just perform a standard Windows reboot, do you get the message about a second instance of SiteKiosk trying to start? Did you run SiteKiosk in standard Autostart mode? As far as I know the RTC settings in ELO allow you to turn the monitor on/off on a schedule. Is that what is happening in your case? Normally, that would not try to start SiteKiosk again. That should happen after a Windows log in. If you have the ability to schedule a boot of the system at a certain time, I would recommend shutting down and booting up the system instead.
Re: 2 instances of site kiosk on autostart in morning 04.12.2018 20:54
Additionally you can also try disabling the "Fast Startup" feature of Windows 10 (Power Options).
Re: 2 instances of site kiosk on autostart in morning 04.12.2018 21:02
Thanks. I'm going to try and use only the Maintenance controls in sitekiosk, not the RTC on the ELO