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Запрос поддержки: Batch File


Just looking to use a super simple .bat file (see below). Batch file works. I've set the application path in the properties to the .bat. Account has local admin access. When I launch this in kiosk it says it doesn't have permission. What else am I missing?

taskkill /F /IM lync.exe

The reason I'm doing this is because if you close out Skype its now only running on the tool bar (which you cannot access) and you cannot open the application back up. Is there a better way to achieve this?

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Re: Batch File 08.04.2019 19:31
cmd.exe as well as the taskkill.exe are blocked by default within the SiteKiosk Windows user account. Instead I would advise adding the Skype application (exe) directly to the SiteKiosk configuration (>Basic >Applications). When starting the application through SiteKiosk the icon of this application should then be displayed in the SiteKiosk taskbar when SiteKiosk starts with shell replacement in Autostart mode(also see >Basic >Start Page & Browser >Advanced).

Otherwise you have to allow the usage of the “cmd.exe” & “taskkill.exe” via System-Security-Manager (-->Customized-->Programs) and you have to allow the display of the command line window by deleting the window class entry “ConsoleWindowClass” in the Windows & Dialogs Management settings of the SiteKiosk configuration under (>Basic >Access/Security >Block system critical windows & dialog boxes >Settings).