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Запрос поддержки: Incorrect Time Displayed


Hi, I'm experiencing an issue with only a specific website. We have multiple SiteKiosk installs around our building and on just this one computer, on this one website, the time displayed is off by one hour.

The site is: dayforcehcm/com/mydayforce/login.aspx

When I login it is fine, except the "time clock" page is off by one hour. The time on the PC is correct, and when I try other browsers outside of SiteKiosk it's correct. On this affected machine, Googling "what time is it" displays the correct time and location (inside of SiteKiosk). However, the time clock page is still incorrect. I've made sure this PC is pulling NTP correctly, and have run into a dead end. Would reinstalling SiteKiosk fix this?


Ответ: (2)

Re: Incorrect Time Displayed 10.04.2019 15:15
Spoke to this customer yesterday and advised him to try either a reinstallation or creating a new config file using a different browser as Sitekiosk does not control the time displayed on customers websites. Also seeing how this only occurred on one machine, it may have something to do with the machine or as stated previously, just may need a new configuration/reinstallation
Re: Incorrect Time Displayed 10.04.2019 20:28
I was not able to fix this by reinstalling or creating a new config profile. What ended up fixing it was in-place upgrading the computer from Win 7 to Win 10; nothing else was changed and now it's working correctly for this website.