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Запрос поддержки: Can't find out what the security message relates to



I can’t find out why I get the warning in the attached picture as I can’t read the message due to the small size of the window.
Is it possible get these windows bigger to actually read the message.
In the log it says Window can’t be closed which seems to relate to Teamviewer host. How can I configure an exception for teamviewer?
Attached is todays log from sitekiosk, config and a screenshot.
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Can't find out what the security message relates to 10.04.2019 12:01

The message is about a blocked dialog window with the title 'Mindspace Remote’:

[SiteKiosk] Notification: According to the windows monitoring rule(Title:'*emote*' Class:'#32770') the window (Title:'Mindspace Remote' Class:'#32770') will be closed

To allow that window you can create a new entry at “-->Access/Security-->Block system critical windows & dialogs-->Settings” where you “Explicitely allow the display of this window” and add the “Window title” and “Window class” to (Title:'Mindspace Remote' Class:'#32770').

Further information here:

To change the size of the window with “SiteKiosk – For security reasons this action is not allowed” you need to edit the corresponding skin file.
E.g. open the file “notsuppfunction.htm” at “…\SiteKiosk\Skins\default\Systemdialog” with an editor.
Then search for these lines:

Dialog.Height += Dialog.Height - Dialog.ClientHeight;
Dialog.Width += Dialog.Width - Dialog.ClientWidth;

And add the values of your choice for “Dialog.Height” and “Dialog.Width” by overwriting these linse.
e.g. 800 x 800 px

Dialog.Height =800;
Dialog.Width =800;

Michael Olbrich