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Запрос поддержки: Boot time is very slow


Does anyone else have an inordinately long wait during "Site Kiosk - Waiting for Services" "Please wait until Windows is finished with starting all necessary services" after boot up? Is this normal? I am seeing approximately a 1.5 minute wait before it gets in to the kiosk mode. This is on a Windows 10 Core i5 computer with 8GB RAM and SSD. Without kiosk running it

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Re: Boot time is very slow 18.04.2019 21:14
A wait time of 1.5 min is on par with normal boot up time for the software. The software does not boot up instantly, although it does take time to apply settings and services to be started while doing the shell replacement. Because of the specs on your computer, your 1.5 min boot time may be faster than the boot up time that most customers normally see, though it is difficult to say for sure. Unfortunately, there is no setting or service that can be changed that can speed up an already pretty fast boot time considering, again, all the settings and services the program has to apply while doing the shell replacement.