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Запрос поддержки: Blank when starting Sitekiosk 9.7



We are using vmware VDI computers.
I am trying to configure our newly purchased SiteKiosk 9.7 for Windows 10 kiosk VDI computers, but when testing it and starting SiteKiosk for the first time on a VDI-machine, I get a blank screen (see attachment Knipsel.png).

Our old Windows 7 (with SiteKiosk 8.8) works fine, all Sitekiosk has to do is start up an index.html stored locally on the C-drive.

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Re: Blank when starting Sitekiosk 9.7 08.05.2019 16:29

SiteKiosk 9.7 if fully tested & supported on Windows 10 and should also work in a VM as long as the system fulfills the system requirements:

The screenshot just shows the watchdog background which is displayed when SiteKiosk Browser is not started.
Do you use a new / fresh SiteKiosk configuration?
Does it work when switching to “Metro IE” Skin (Chrome Skin was not available in SK 8.8)?
Does SiteKiosk Browser display when you activate the “Auto Start” mode and restart the machine?
What other software products are installed in the VM?

Michael Olbrich
Re: Blank when starting Sitekiosk 9.7 08.05.2019 17:30
Hi Michael,

I use a fresh new SiteKiosk configuration, since the old (sitekiosk 8.8) configuration file won't be accepted by sitekiosk 9.7.

I also tested it with the Metro IE Skin; and the result is practically the same:
After configuring SiteKiosk and save the config, I select 'startup once'.
At first the assigned index.html is shown, but after a few seconds the white Watchdog background is shown.

The VM has the most recent Windows 10 Updates and nothing else installed besides SiteKiosk 9.7.

Re: Blank when starting Sitekiosk 9.7 08.05.2019 17:38

then please provide the SiteKiosk configuration file you use by email to support-europe[at]provisio.com. Refer to this forum post in the email. Thank you.