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Запрос поддержки: Paypal SurfArea Issues


Hello, I am using the SiteKiosk application, and although I have inspecting our Paypal page's source code, and the redirecting website, and entered them as wild cards in the SurfArea exceptions, and ensured they are set to "Allow", I still get a notice that the page is blocked when clicking "Proceed to Paypal". I have generated log files from SiteKiosk, copy and pasted that URL as well, and still had the same result. Is there anyway to get remote connection support for this product?

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Re: Paypal SurfArea Issues 10.05.2019 16:01
You can check the SiteKiosk log file for the exact URL that is being blocked. You can also activate the log file output Window to see the log file as it is being written. You will find the log files settings in the SiteKiosk configuration editor under >Basic >Logfiles. I recommend using wildcards instead of full URLs. Use a wildcard for the protocol in the dropdown (eg https://) and then also for the URL like www.paypal.com/* or *.paypal.com/*. We do not offer remote support. After you add the wildcarded URL, what the URL you see being blocked in the SiteKiosk log file?
Re: Paypal SurfArea Issues 10.05.2019 16:34
This issue was resolved by phone support. Thank you for the help!