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Запрос поддержки: 4 Kiosks are Freezing


4 Windows 10 build 1809 are locking themselves up. When they come back up displaying a message "Automatic Repair couldn't repair your pc". It also has been warning that it will shutdown, then offers to boot to windows or go into repair.

Ответ: (2)

Re: 4 Kiosks are Freezing 15.05.2019 15:54
That is a windows error. Did you try to boot into safe mode by interrupting the start up of sitekiosk? The sitekiosk log you attached doesnt have any information that would help diagnose your issue. What was the behavior of the machine before you tried to repair windows?
Re: 4 Kiosks are Freezing 16.05.2019 15:35
As far as I know we didn't try to repair windows - it just drops into that. This is on 4 computers all running the Kiosk software. All other Windows 10 computers on the network are ok, it is just the 4 Kiosk computers that are doing this.
Used Nirsoft Bluescreenview - not seeing a bsod recorded.
I combed through application and system logs, nothing jumped out at me.
Once we reboot Kiosk comes up just fine but then in a day or two we have the same issue.