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Запрос поддержки: Must activate the SiteCafe paymentfeature to start Kiosk software



After re-installing the kiosk software we are getting the following message "Activate the SiteCafe-payment feature with the Sitekiosk-configurationwizard. Without this feature you will not be able to communicate with the server.

Don't know what to do. I've contacted my friend Google but no such message was found.

Ответ: (1)

Re: Must activate the SiteCafe paymentfeature to start Kiosk software 15.05.2019 13:25

I am sorry but SiteCafe is not supported anymore since SiteKiosk versions above 9.2:

If you want to continue wih using SiteCafe you need to go back to SiteKiosk 9.2.
SiteKiosk 9.2 can be downloaded in our version history and the current license is also valid for SiteKiosk 9.2:

Also please note:
- Due to technical barriers introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10, using SiteCafe with SiteKiosk also requires a Windows version of no later than 8.1 to properly work!
- When using SiteKiosk on Windows 8.1 please also consider this FAQ:

If you don’t need to use SiteCafe anymore you should open the SiteKiosk configuration with the configuration tool and check the start page and payment devices settings or even create a new configuration.

Michael Olbrich