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Запрос поддержки: SiteKiosk will not launch


When I attempt to launch SiteKiosk in Win10 1809 it just gets stuck loading with default safe wallpaper and spinning circle. I have no antivirus installed. Configuration loads and looks ok. Log files don't really indicate anything.

Ответ: (5)

Re: SiteKiosk will not launch 20.05.2019 20:02
This is not a known issue. You could try updating to the most recent version of SiteKiosk, 9.7.5026. I see the attached cofnig file was taken from a machine running SiteKiosk 9.6.4563. is this happening on more than one machine? Is this a new machine or was it working in teh past and then stopped working. SiteKiosk 9.6.4563 was released in August 2018.
Re: SiteKiosk will not launch 20.05.2019 20:08
I have tried using the newest version as well as the version it was originally made on and I still encounter the same problem. I am trying to deploy to new machine via SCCM
Re: SiteKiosk will not launch 20.05.2019 21:06
Do you get the same behavior if you install SiteKiosk manually? If you install SiteKiosk from the MSI, you need to check the system requirements prior to installing via SCCM since those will not be checked without the exe. Note that SiteKiosk requires Microsoft .NET and the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable to function properly. They are prerequisites and need to be installed before running the SiteKiosk MSI. The required versions depend on the version of SiteKiosk.
Re: SiteKiosk will not launch 20.05.2019 21:07
.NET is built into Windows 10. The correct version of C++ has been installed. Runs fine if installed manually. I have folowed all of the documentation posted on the site and have deployed via SCCM in the past without issue.
Re: SiteKiosk will not launch 21.05.2019 20:04
Which version of the C++ redistributable is installed? Please send a screenshot of the list of installed programs from the Windows control panel to ward(at)provisio.com.