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Запрос поддержки: URL redirecting


When accessing the homepage url http://jtv.com/careers, it is redirecting instead to https://www.jtv.com/library/article/how-to-clean-jewelry. I've cleared cache/removed history/reset IE. This only happens under SiteKiosk. When I launch SiteKiosk to Configure, it always brings this page up incorrectly, even when using the test links. However, the URL is correctly listed. All other profiles work properly. I've setup another computer exactly like this one & it works properly. Help.

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Re: URL redirecting 20.06.2019 15:02
What happens when you create a fresh new default config file and visit the site? Does the same thing happen if you switch from IE to Chrome?
Re: URL redirecting 27.06.2019 21:37
I haven't created a new config file. However, in configuration, I have switched to Chrome and the issue doesn't occur. I still need it to work in Edge b/c Chrome doesn't work well with some of the .gov sites using pdf.
Re: URL redirecting 27.06.2019 23:27
I was not able to replicate the issue you described in the current version of SiteKiosk. With a default config file, I chose IE as the browser and set the start page to https://www.jtv.com/careers then ran SiteKiosk. It stayed on https://www.jtv.com/careers and did not re-direct. I see in your config it is set to http:// and in that case, it does redirect to https:// but stays on www.jtv.com/careers.

Edge is not supported in SiteKiosk. The IE-based browser in SiteKiosk is based on IE11.