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Запрос поддержки: RUnning External Application Does not show in Sitekiosk Taskbar



We are running a custom exe using Sitekiosk home screen button (Which points to exe from a network drive) The script executes perfectly and auto starts a virtual application using Citrix Receiver.

After the application is started it shows the icon in the taskbar for a fraction of a second and disappears.

Looking for the icon the application icon shows up in the taskbar and it works perfectly fine within native windows 10 taskbar.

Please advice if anyone has seen this issue before.

Drumil Shah
(212) 854-0293

Ответ: (1)

Re: RUnning External Application Does not show in Sitekiosk Taskbar 27.06.2019 17:27
Did you test the workaround we sent you on June 7th regarding this? That workaround was to create a Start Screen button that will try to close the application if it is open and then start it since you explained it will not start if it is already open. I forwarded you another copy of that. What was your result with this?

Is the application shown as large application icon on the taskbar when starting it outside of SiteKiosk?

Do you just start the EXE or use a program link that contains further parameters?

Can you send an export of the Windows event log; SYSTEM and APPLICATION as *.evtx along with the last date and time you replicated the issue?

Also, send a screenshot of how the icon looks on the taskbar outside of SiteKiosk?

I have Citrix Workspace running on a test machine and there is not an issue with the taskbar icon in that case when starting that. In this case, is Receiver just a loader and if then another application starts? The screenshot you sent does not look like the standard Receiver log in dialog. If you are unsure, you can check that using the Windows task manager?