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Запрос поддержки: can't publish sitecaster project


we brought up a new server, with a new license to use sitecaster (we plan to migrate all our clients to the new server). In testing I can not publish a site caster project. I've tried to create licenses for sitecaster but it will not allow me to. Included are the screen shots

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Re: can't publish sitecaster project 01.07.2019 16:52
looks like we can only post one attachment. So when trying to create a licnese for it in siteremote, I get "Enter a Valid number" for the fields "application count", "Machine Count", "Traffic Volume" and "SMS Volume". I've tried several different values, and keep getting the message.
Re: can't publish sitecaster project 01.07.2019 20:28
I just noticed our site remote server overview shows:
Client Types Online Registered Maximum
SiteKiosk Client 2 58 100
SiteRemote Client 0 0 0
SiteCaster Client 0 0 0

We just installed our new license, why do we have 0 sitecaster client maximum? thanks.
Re: can't publish sitecaster project 01.07.2019 23:24
Try creating an end date that is not more than 30 days out in the future for now.
Re: can't publish sitecaster project 02.07.2019 15:25
The value under "client types" refers to a legacy solution. You would need to look under the "features" information under the client types to see your SiteCaster licenses. The license you were sent does cover the new SiteCaster feature. With the SiteRemote Server Trial license, make sure the SiteCaster CMS team license you create does not exceed the SiteRemote Server trial end date (08/02/2019).
Re: can't publish sitecaster project 02.07.2019 16:57
thank you for the replies and explanations. it worked, this issue can be closed.