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Запрос поддержки: SiteKiosk.CefApp.exe Application Hang


We have machine running SiteKiosk Windows version 9.0.3248. After long idle time if someone tries to use it sometimes application hangs, windows error appears 'SiteKiosk Application doesn't respond' and then restarts.
The error in logs is
The program SiteKiosk.CefApp.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Action Center control panel.

If kiosk was used recently (i think before screensaver activates) application works fine.

Ответ: (3)

Re: SiteKiosk.CefApp.exe Application Hang 17.07.2019 9:35

I am sorry but SiteKiosk 9.0 is out of support. As a general note, check that your Windows does not use Fast Startup (Windows 10 setting) and that the Windows power safe settings are deactivated as well as.
Or you just create a new clean SiteKiosk configuration as well to reset SiteKiosk to default settings (it e.g. seems that you manually changed the user agent string).

Otherwise you should update to the current SiteKiosk version and check whether the problem persists.

But note that the SiteKiosk license is only valid for all SiteKiosk versions that are published within 12 Month after you purchased the license. Therefore your current SiteKiosk 9.0 license is not valid for the current SiteKiosk version 9.7 and you would need to purchase an update license.

But you can always test it before purchasing any license:

Michael Olbrich
Re: SiteKiosk.CefApp.exe Application Hang 18.07.2019 12:26
The license was bought 6 months ago, but was activated for an older version of SiteKisok. In order to update to last version of SiteKiosk do i need to purchase a license update or i can use current license? Last version of SiteKiosk was released 3 months after purchase of this license.
Re: SiteKiosk.CefApp.exe Application Hang 18.07.2019 12:31

As you were using SiteKiosk 9.0 I assumed the license was purchased in 2015.

If the license was bought 6 months ago you can use it with the current SiteKiosk version (the SiteKiosk license is valid for all SiteKiosk versions that are published within 12 Month after you purchased the license).

Michael Olbrich