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KT Group Limited



KT Group is a full service provider of kiosk hardware solutions from concept definition to final product production and worldwide delivery. Our range of kiosks terminals reaches from off the shelf products to tailor-made custom designs.

Since the formation of full service KT Group in 2005 the company has designed a number of individual kiosk terminals with intuitive mechanics to support all forms of interactive and digital software solutions ideally positioning KT on the forefront of the rapidly developing technologies in self service kiosks. The self service kiosk market has been quoted as the fastest growing new business sector within IT technology and at KT Group you will find all of the latest trendy designs and functional terminals.

We contribute the rapid growth of KT Group to an understanding of local demands and the ability to come up with unique solutions to individual problems locally. Located via a network of partnership globally we apply local knowledge to the touch screen kiosks we design and our after sales service guarantees their continued reliability.

We strive and ensure that we deliver on time, within budget and that the product has an A1 quality finish. These important cornerstones have built the reputation as a reliable manufacturing partner to world of self service kiosk markets.


Готовые системы Аппаратные средства Программное обеспечение услуги
Терминал сенсорного экрана
Настольный терминал
Настенный терминал
TFT (рекламные) системы
Терминал для улицы
Self Check-In/Out kiosk
Самообслуживание kiosk
Info kiosk
Интернет kiosk
Терм. самообслуживания
Автоматы для торговли билетами
TFT (рекламные) - Дисплеи
Управление проектом
Установка и настройка
Ремонт по месту