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Североамериканская штаб-квартира в Майами, США: 25 декабря 2015, 1 января 2016
Европейская штаб-квартира в г. Мюнстер, Германия: с 21 декабря 2015 по 3 января 2016
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Progel SpA

Official SiteKiosk Reseller


Since 1988, Progel S.p.A. offers services and solutions for the IT industry.
We provide innovative strategies for IT infrastructures, IT security, systems management and software solutions.
Over 25 years gives us the broad and deep experience that is vital to support our customers in successfully improving their organization’s performance.

We are Microsoft GOLD Partner Cloud Platform , GOLD Partner Identity & Access, GOLD Partner Datacenter, GOLD Partner Collaboration & Content, GOLD Partner Device & Deployment.

We are also part of Pcsnet, the largest IT training network of Italy. Through this partnership we provide professional training according to the standards required to Microsoft Gold Certified Partners for Learning Solutions.


Готовые системы Аппаратные средства Программное обеспечение услуги
Планшетный киоск (Windows)
Планшетный киоск (Android)
Сенсорные экраны
SiteKiosk ПО для Digital Signage (Windows)
SiteKiosk ПО для Digital Signage (Android)
Управление проектом
Digital Signage Content

Progel Signage App

Progel Signage App turns any tablet into a meeting room display. Whenever you get close, the tablet camera catches your presence and turns on the display to show you the availability of the meeting room.
Collecting information from an Exchange Server or Online room mailbox, in the appointment pane you will receive information about the meeting (in presence, Skype for Business conference, blended) as well as the meeting subject and the organizer's name.