Interactive Digital Signage

The Kiosk Content Management System (CMS) that puts Digital Signage front and center! Create and publish your interactive content to displays, tablets, or kiosk terminals - no matter if they run Windows or Android.

Quick start: Using examples and templates based on real-life projects
From simple layouts to an expanding library of project templates, SiteCaster offers various ways to make creating professional content fast and easy. The SiteCaster Editor provides a whole set of widgets for various designs.
Web-based user interface (Cloud / onPremise)
Create and manage your digital signage content directly in your web browser; Easy and flexible thanks to modern HTML features.
Navigation and Popups for interactive digital signage projects
SiteCaster provides a navigation feature which enables you to create interactive projects to present various sub-pages inside one project. An application example is a digital menu in which different pages such as appetizers, main courses, desserts and drinks are displayed by clicking.
Display conditions / screensaver
Over a wide range of different time and event (user activity) driven conditions all conceivable display conditions can be configured. Use external input like sensor data, RFID readers, or tablets to control the content of your displays (Lift & Learn)
Extensive user rights management for your projects
When you have a whole team working on a project, often not every member should be able to change or edit everything. With SiteRemote's user rights management you can give access to specific elements in your SiteCaster projects to specific user groups.
Movement draws in the viewer's eye, and SiteCaster provides a wide range of different animations you can use in your projects. Rotation, Fade-In/Out, linear movement, etc. are just a few examples.
1 - 10,000 displays / terminals
As your projects grow, so does SiteCaster. There is no technical limit to how many terminals your content can be displayed on. Content is transferred to the client machines once, and then displayed from local storage.
Windows and Android support
SiteCaster supports both Windows and Android clients, no need to create and publish separate versions of your content for different terminals.

Media-House Funke Group

SiteCaster not only supports standard displays but also works with special format and pixel displays without requiring additional modifications.

Super Biomarkt

Individual Digital Signage at the Point-of-Sale created in just a few simple steps with SiteCaster. Individual content for each location are no problem either.

Exhibition stand EuroCis

Interaktive product presentations and multimedia content as eye catcher; SiteCaster guarantees smooth operation during expos.

System requirements


SiteRemote 6
SiteKiosk Windows 9.4 or SiteKiosk Android 2.7


Access via Chrome (recommended) and FireFox

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