SiteCaster CMS - Tutorials

01 - Quick-Start tutorial video

This video explains the basic steps to set up the SiteCaster Digital Signage System:

  • Creating a SiteRemote team
  • Installing and configuring SiteKiosk
  • Using the editor to create and edit a new project
  • Publishing the created project to a player machine

02 - Create a new project

This video shows how to create a project and to insert elements into the content layer and background layer.

03 - Configure display conditions for pages

This video explains how to configure display conditions for two project pages and to check the configuration in the preview.

04 - Build a screensaver page

This tutorial video shows how to turn a page into a screensaver/attraction screen and how to check your configuration in the preview.

05 - Use the navigation feature

This video explains how to build your own interactive project in which you can switch pages or present different Elements inside a page by clicking on elements.

06 - Display a web page in the content

This video shows how to insert a web page into the content.

07 - Configure a web page pop-up

This video shows how to configure an image as a button to open a web page pop up.