Solutions used at schools & universities

Educational institutions require public access workstations that offer secure access to the Intranet and the Internet.

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Solutions used at schools & universities

SiteKiosk is a great product, it's exactly what I need for some browser terminals I'm building for the university.
M. A. Haughey
UCLA, Los Angeles

Research terminal

Access to online publications and library information or to the students’ own (Web-based) email accounts or class schedules are only a few examples of how a research terminal can be used in a school and university environment.

SiteKiosk can safeguard the computer, restrict access to certain websites and authenticate the user via chip card or password.

Public workstation

Pupils and students often need to work on computers set up at their school or university and use applications installed on these computers. SiteKiosk permits access to previously specified applications without exposing the configuration of the machine to potential misuse by the user.

Users are prevented both from installing new programs and freely accessing the file system or undesirable programs.

Digital Signage

Information must be accessible and made available to a large number of recipients in the swiftest way possible. Examples of such vital information are cafeteria menus, lecture schedules, and event information: if this information needs to be revised, the necessary changes can be uploaded from any local computer using a Web-based application.

Designed using the Start Screen Template

Sample project

University of Texas

Alveni utilized PROVISIO´s SiteKiosk software in two unique ways to run multimedia campaigns with digital signage functionality. Kiosk users can now access information on buildings throughout the campus, and the University is now equipped to remotely update and change information displayed on the kiosks.

Solution partner: Alveni, USA