Solutions used in publishing & the media

This industry usually acts as the producer of the content with which users of the terminals and Digital Signage displays interact.

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Solutions used in publishing & the media

We've been using your 'SiteKiosk' product for a few years now and we want you to know that it is a great product, delivering exactly what we need. It has performed consistently and been so trouble free, that we often forgot it was there.
J. Bryce
Pacific Daily News, Guam

Central control over the content

The remote management software SiteRemote can be used to create new content and add to existing content from a local workstation. To a limited extent, text and media can also be revised by the end customer.

The system even makes it a cinch to manage hundreds or even thousands of machines.

Customer-specific modifications? No problem!

The solution truly shines when it comes to factoring in specific customer requirements, as it makes their implementation as easy as can be. SiteKiosk owes this first-rate versatility to the fact that it was developed entirely based on widely used Web technologies. All visible graphic interfaces, browser designs (skins), home page templates, touchscreen keyboards, dialog boxes, language settings, toolbars, configurations, etc. are made up of HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, and XML pages.

To adapt JavaScript to the specific requirements of SiteKiosk, we expanded the set of JavaScript commands by several thousand objects, methods, events and properties and consolidated them in the SiteKiosk Object Model.

In other words: anyone familiar with HTML and JavaScript will be able to develop their own layouts or adjust existing layouts and functions to their needs without the help of PROVISIO. There is no need to learn a new language.

Designed using the Start Screen Template

Sample project

Media printing using iStation and NexLab

DNP was looking for a software solution that would prevent users from tampering with data and features that are vital to the kiosk. The solution they were seeking was also supposed to allow them to service and update their machines from a central location off site.

Solution partner: DNP Photo Imaging America