Solutions used in non-profits & churches

As in any other organization, the solution is suitable both for in-house staff operating without a workstation and for external use by customers and members.

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Solutions used in non-profits & churches

I just wanted to extend a special Thank you to the Provisio representatives, who did an outstanding job in stepping me through a problem. Great work by your support team! It makes a difference, and is appreciated.
F. Quinn
The Greater Boston Food Bank, USA

Donation terminal

Donation drives have become exceedingly difficult in this day and age where credit and debit card use is so ubiquitous. A particularly noteworthy fact in this regard is that donations collected by coin acceptors have been sliding continuously.

A donation terminal is a means to counter this development as it gives donors a simple option to submit their donation on site.

Information terminal

Today, organizations, associations and churches are required to comprehensively inform potential donors about the whole purpose of their activities. Organizations can already choose from a wide range of sites on the Web that are fitting for this purpose. Now, SiteKiosk allows them to display this content at the POI (Point of Interest) and pique the viewer’s interest.

Digital Signage & occupancy rosters

A digital sign always delivers exactly the content that is necessary at any given time. Short update cycles for occupancy rosters are just as easily possible as displaying content in several languages as well as recorded or live content over multiple channels per screen. The software supports a host of display formats – from videos to image sequences to ticker texts or presentations.

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Sample project

Interactive displays at NASCAR races nation-wide

Xperience Communications sets up interactive displays at NASCAR races, which customers can use to sign up for sweepstakes or other prize-winning opportunities.

Solution partner: Xperience Communications