Solutions for the retail and consumer goods sector

Providing more in-depth and up-to-date information, Digital Signage displays set up at the POS (Point of Sale) are the better alternative to flyers and posters.

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Solutions for the retail and consumer goods sector

Great. Thanks for the quick response. Awesome product. I have been using [competitive products] and find SiteKiosk superior to both of them for functionality and ease-of-use.
F. Chapek
The Paradies Shops, Inc., USA

Customer information terminal

Packaging is subject to rigorous standardization and certification and required by law to provide a specific set of information. In many cases, however, the extent of the particulars given is not sufficient to satisfy the customer's need for information.

Information on pricing is, for the most part, the type of information about which customers inquire most frequently. Other types of information kiosk systems and advertising displays can provide include details on a product’s origin and processing, sample applications and product variations.

Product consultant

Which pan is the right one, which motor oil is best for my vehicle, and which care products are the right choice for me? The highly personalized character customers have come to expect from their consultations in any product category can no longer be achieved by the small number of employees to which store staff is commonly reduced today.

The decision as to whether dedicated self-service machines are the best choice or if the sales process should be supported by a sales consultant needs to be made in each individual case.

Bulletin board

Today, the classic "bulletin board" is enjoying a second coming in digital form. The digital incarnation of this vintage vehicle of information offers a quick and easy way to provide staff and production information in a central location on the Web. Its digital nature allows for an efficient exchange of up-to-the-minute information that cannot be achieved by any other means.

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Sample project

RIMI Loyality Systems Kiosk

After swiping their customer card to identify themselves at the terminals set up in the store, customers can use SiteKiosk to access the web-based application made available on the RIMI Loyalty System. SiteKiosk limits the customer’s access, safeguards the system and monitors the functionality of the system and the connected components (e.g. printers). What is more, the Digital Signage solution integrated in SiteKiosk will play back advertising videos and other image formats when the terminal is not in use. When a customer approaches the terminal, a motion sensor will revert the terminal to displaying the customer application.

The remote monitoring application SiteRemote, makes it possible to monitor, service and configure the terminals from a remote location. These features allow the company to keep their product offers, video ads and other content up to date.

Solution partner: Rimi Baltic Group