Digital Signage and
Content Management System

Create and publish advertisements, interactive presentations and kiosk applications fast and easily.

Kiosk CMS: Digital Signage and App Construction Kit for public displays and terminals
Our Kiosk CMS (Content Management System) enables you to create and arrange content for:
  • Automatically running product presentations and information displays
  • Interactive applications with page based navigation, pop-ups and embedded web pages
  • Screensaver and attract loops
  • Scheduled or event triggered advertising campaigns
Whether you want to show advertisements, provide a digital blackboard or operate a POS/self-service terminal: SiteCaster supports you with easy-to-use functions so you can deliver your content quickly and easily. SiteCaster supports the Windows and Android platforms and a wide variety of different devices like tablets, kiosk terminals and high resolution displays.
One software platform, many applications
Digital Signage for advertising and information displays
With SiteCaster you can produce your Digital Signage campaigns in a few easy steps. Easily apply effects and animations or show embedded web content. Insert text, weather information and date/time displays. Publish your content directly from your browser to your Windows or Android terminals.
Interactive Digital Signage - Engage customers
Passive presentations can inform people and even impress them. Do you want to go one step further and engage with your customers more by giving them ways to interact with the content? Just add interactive elements like pop-ups, content browsing or page navigation to your content. Let customers browse through your product catalog or show videos or other content in pop-ups. SiteCaster lets you compose your very own interactive presentations with little effort.
Kiosk applications - Self-Service and more
Self-service/POS applications often turn out to be complex and require the use of external sensors or additional devices. Once again, SiteCaster has you covered. Presentations can react to the scanning of a QR/bar code and trigger hardware switches. You can even remotely control a presentation from a second device. If the standard functionality is still not enough, there is a script interface that allows the implementation of very complex scenarios. There is virtually no limit to what you can do with SiteCaster on this level.
Quick start: Using examples and templates based on real-life projects
From simple layouts to an expanding library of project templates, SiteCaster offers various ways to make creating professional content fast and easy. The SiteCaster Editor provides a whole set of widgets for various designs.
Intuitive web-based user interface (WYSIWYG)
Create and manage your Digital Signage content directly in your web browser; easy and flexible thanks to modern HTML features. Arrange your content elements via drag and drop
Plan and schedule your presentations
Classical digital signage can be implemented quickly and effortlessly with SiteCaster. Put your media assets into a sequence or schedule whole pages with conditions like date range, day time range, weekdays, etc. SiteCaster takes care of displaying the content as you planned it. In case of errors or crashes, the system tries to restore a proper mode of operation. On top of that, you can use a wide range of monitoring and control capabilities to identify and fix problems.
Navigation and Popups for interactive digital signage projects
Let your customers browse through your products, create a product advisor to help them decide which product fits best or generate a kiosk-suitable version of your intranet or company web page. Use pop-ups to present videos, images, web pages or PDFs. Combine interaction with animation and bring your content to life. There are many possible ways to incorporate user interaction into your projects. For individual needs, customization on a scripting level is possible too. Just contact us at support-europe(at)
Control your presentation with external sources (sensors, network)
In addition to touch or mouse input you can also use external sources to control and navigate your presentation. This includes sensors like bar code/RFID scanners, switches or proximity sensors. You can even remotely control a presentation on big screen on a wall with a tablet in your hand. With this it is possible to implement scenarios like Lift & Learn or a product information scanner.
Screensaver and multiple displays
SiteCaster content is not restricted to be shown permanently on a single monitor. It is very easy to show different content when the terminal is not used (idle mode) or to present content on a second monitor. Use the screensaver (idle) mode to display an attract loop to capture the attention of passersby with video, animations and slide shows.
Restrict changes and avoid accidental alteration with user rights
Especially in complex projects, accidental or unauthorized changes to content by editors can be very annoying and generate additional correction work. With SiteCaster you can ensure that editors can only change the content they need to edit. You can even enable/disable the editing on a single property for restricted users. For the editor, it means more confidence that nothing is changed accidentally and less doubt which content to change.
Split screen with browser
Provide your customers with a secured browser and at the same time show them valuable information (advertisements, schedules, company or product information). To do that, just switch to split screen mode to show the browser and SiteCaster content side by side.
Animated objects attract the viewer's eye, support a certain statement or simply make an impression. SiteCaster provides a wide range of different animations you can use in your projects. Rotation, Fade-In/Out, linear movement, etc. are just a few examples. Create amazing effects like Pan & Zoom, fading, 3D transformations and blurring.
Unlimited number of displays
The number of connected terminals/display is not limited. When managing a lot of terminals, you can rely on the capabilities of our remote management platform SiteRemote. When publishing the content to specific machines, SiteCaster allows for extensive filtering and sorting so you can quickly find the terminals you want to publish to. Once the content is transferred to the clients, it can be displayed offline and requires no permanent online connection.
Windows and Android supported
SiteCaster can show your content on many different devices and displays. By supporting Windows and Android, you can use the bulk of devices available on the market. You can create content and publish it regardless of the platform and it will look the same on Windows and Android.
How do I start?
To start with SiteCaster, first sign up for a team on our cloud server. You can then start creating projects directly in your browser by clicking on the SiteCaster link.

To publish content to your clients, you need to install our client software on each terminal. You can download the client software from the link in the publish screen and the client will automatically register with the server.
30 days trial
You have 30 days to test the system with these limitations:
  1. You can only publish to one client.
  2. The client will show a trial pop-up every 5 minutes.
Which licenses do I need?
For a licensed mode of operation you have to purchase the following licenses:
  1. A one-time license for the client software SiteKiosk for each client machine
  2. Client access licenses for the server for as many machines you want to publish your content to.

You can host SiteCaster on your own server (on-premises), for example to restrict access to your intranet or use Active Directory/LDAP for user managment.

Media-House Funke Group

SiteCaster not only supports standard displays but also works with special format and pixel displays without requiring additional modifications.

Super Biomarkt

Individual Digital Signage at the Point-of-Sale created in just a few simple steps with SiteCaster. Individual content for each location are no problem either.

Exhibition booth EuroCis

Eye-catching Interactive product presentations and multimedia content; SiteCaster guarantees smooth operation during expos.

System requirements


SiteRemote 6
SiteKiosk Windows 9.4 or SiteKiosk Android 2.7


Access via Chrome (recommended) and Firefox

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