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The balancing act of striking a chord on an emotional level and showcasing all technical details in an effort to pique the customer's interest while he visits the showroom is a task at which kiosk systems truly excel.

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BMWs are engineered extremely well, and they wanted to expose all this wonderful content and information to consumers and to explain the benefits to consumers. The kiosk software was needed to help Reality Interactive remotely manage the kiosk from its offices. In addition, the company wanted to make sure it could provide security for BMW and system users.
C. Martin
Reality Interactive, LLC, USA

Customer consulting terminal including Digital Signage

Today, vehicles are so widely customizable that customers can choose from a slew of design features and equipment options. Allowing customers to visualize what the different color variations and equipment options would look like on their new vehicle, consulting terminals support the sales process in a fundamental way.

Even if operated as a self-service station, the terminal never fails to deliver all there is to know about the vehicle’s technical specifications as well as its availability and delivery times. When not in use, the terminal can be used to display advertisements, or so-called Digital Signage content.

Production terminal

Today's cutting-edge production lines are characterized both by a high degree of automation and superior versatility. This level of sophistication often requires customized information or operation options for the staff working on site.

Nearly all of the backend systems available today are equipped with Web interfaces that can be used by the staff at the terminal without the need to set up a stand-alone workstation for each individual employee.

Human Resources Terminal

Internet and/or Intranet access while wearing work overalls. In this day and age, human resources management with all of its aspects and nuances is largely a matter of database management. Requests for vacation, travel expense statements as well as time and work sheets are recorded and processed electronically.

And, work instructions, safety regulations, work schedules and shift rosters as well as general in-house information are uploaded to the company's corporate Intranet. Accessing this information without a personal workstation is not possible unless the user retrieves the information from a “public access” terminal. Staff members can access and use all portions of the corporate network either by entering their password or by identifying themselves using chip cards or other means even if they do not have a workstation of their own.

You can find more information on this topic on our HR Solutions & Employee Self Service Terminals info page.

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Sample project

Indoor Communications System at BMW Dealerships

By incorporating SiteKiosk into their own solution, Reality Interactive created BMW’s Indoor Communications System (ICS), a showroom kiosk that features an interactive touchscreen display and delivers HD video.

BMW’s ICS kiosks have found their way into every BMW dealership in the United States, where they serve every employee as a greatly appreciated tool and resource for information. Every month our SiteRemote solution is used to deliver information and content updates to each and every dealership.

Solution partner: Reality Interactive LLC, USA