Solutions for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry

The best way to give customers access to product information sheets, hazard warnings, and regulations on disposal is by using public access terminals.

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Solutions for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry

Our contract manufacturers use their Merck computers to post transactions to our manufacturing management system. We utilize SiteKiosk to ensure that users will be able to execute only those applications that we have made available on the home page. A fantastic piece of software with a completely effortless setup. Keep it up!
R. Díaz
Merck (MSD) Sharp & Dohme, Spain

Customer consulting terminal

Chemical and pharmaceutical products are rather complex as they involve an abundance of different characteristics, possible applications and product details. A consulting terminal offers customers an easy-to-use tool that lets them review different variations and products and decide whether a particular product is suited to satisfy their needs and requirements.

The terminals also allow customers to easily pull up every detail of a product - from product information to hazard warnings to effects and side effects.

Human Resources Terminal (HR)

In this day and age, human resources management with all of its aspects and nuances is largely a matter of database management. Requests for vacation, travel expense statements as well as time and work sheets are recorded and processed electronically. And, work instructions, safety regulations, work schedules or shift rosters as well as general in-house information are uploaded to the company's corporate Intranet.

Access to this resource without a personal workstation is difficult to obtain. Public access human resources (HR) terminals are an excellent alternative as they allow the staff to gain access to all portions of the corporate network by entering their password or using other types of identification.

You can find more information on this topic on our HR Solutions & Employee Self Service Terminals info page.

Digital Signage advertising display

It is often the simple things that make or break the success of a business venture. Digital Signage solutions can be incorporated in a snap with the help of SiteRemote and SiteKiosk. Possible applications range from displaying continuous sequences of images, videos or text to utilizing digital signage content for screen savers on workstations or consulting terminals.

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Sample project

Accessible touchscreen kiosks in GP practices and hospitals

Elephant Kiosks use SiteKiosk on accessible touchscreen kiosks in GP practices and hospitals throughout the UK. Fully integrated with Elephant Kiosks' software systems, SiteKiosk helps securely display interactive health information and collect real-time patient feedback. SiteKiosk is also used on Windows tablets for data capture out in the community, helping nurses to store data securely on each device and push data to the cloud via mobile broadband. Meanwhile SiteRemote forms the basis of Elephant Kiosks' remote management service. SiteRemote enables new surveys and data capture forms to be remotely sent to every device in the field, as well as returning real-time performance monitoring and usage information.

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