Solutions devised for municipalities and governments

Many administrative procedures can be used online if secured by a certified signature or electronic identification.

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Solutions devised for municipalities & administrations

I'd like to thank you folks at SiteKiosk for a great product. We had been using [a product of a competitor] for our Public Access Catalog computers but it was cumbersome & difficult to configure. I found SiteKiosk during a web search & have been impressed with it's ease of use, configurability & stability. And your support staff is excellent.
J. Pflepsen
Spokane County District, USA

Information terminal

The simplest configuration would be to set up an information terminal as a gateway providing access to the municipality's website. In addition to limiting access to a specified number and type of websites, the software can also be used to allow the execution of specific applications.

SiteKiosk reliably safeguards the terminal in any situation and scenario. Depending on its equipment and technical configuration, a terminal like this can be set up in an outdoor location or as a fully loaded workstation inside the building.

Citizen terminals

A citizen terminal allows visitors to go on a virtual tour of the municipal office building. There is a score of different equipment options available for citizen terminals including displays, cameras, scanners, printers and card readers. This allows offices to make their services available to the citizens outside of their official business hours.

SiteKiosk delivers the necessary protection for the applications most commonly used in this sector and provides operators with a simple way to monitor their machines regardless of their location using the included SiteRemote remote management solution.

Public workstation

Not all citizens have access to computers or the Internet. To assist these citizens, administrators can set up public access terminals running SiteKiosk and allowing their citizens to work with Office software and to access the Internet. These types of workstations are regularly found in job centers catering to the needs of citizens looking for employment or in town and city libraries.

Apart from keeping each and every machine secure, the operators are mainly concerned with maintaining the privacy of the user.

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Sample project

California State Parks

Utilizing an interactive software application based on SiteKiosk, California State Parks inform their visitors in a fun and educational way about the safety provisions they need to observe while driving through the parks in motorized vehicles.

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