Solutions used in libraries and museums

Secure PC systems and Android tablets provide visitors with easy access to local or Web-based catalogs.

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Solutions used in libraries and museums

We've had SiteKiosk running steadily for over 2 months on our museum floor with no problems whatsoever. You can safely consider the NM Museum of Natural History & Science an extremely satisfied SiteKiosk user, and it will be our first choice when/if we develop future web-based interactive kiosks! Thanks.
M. Celeskey
New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science, USA

Library catalog: Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

Give guests visiting your library access to your catalog. The secure Web browser built into SiteKiosk gives visitors who need to perform research quick and secure access to the library’s entire catalog. Keyword: Web OPAC or National Union Catalog (USA).

Access to electronic media such as encyclopedias is possible as well thanks to terminals that are available to every visitor. What is more, complete privacy is ensured as browser history and user data are erased automatically at the end of each session.

Interactive resource terminal

Today, museum exhibits often require explanations and background information that place the exhibits in a larger historical context. Essential information can be communicated to the visitor using terminals that display both interactive and multimedia content.

When not in use, the displays can grab the visitor’s attention by displaying so-called Digital Signage content and return to a set starting point of a presentation when the content has managed to pique the viewer’s interest.

Copy station and public workstation

Visitors can use public workstations to copy, print or send content. Whether this service is to be offered at a charge or supposed to be subject to a time limit: SiteKiosk offers all features necessary to make using this service as efficient and effortless as can be.

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Sample project

Digital, interactive displays at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

The organizers of "Slavery Today", a permanent exhibit at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, were on the lookout for a solution that would allow the terminals they were going to set up to maintain the longest possible uptime.

Solution partner: Electronic Art