SiteKiosk Windows

Lockdown browser & kiosk software for safeguarding public access Internet-PCs, Displays and Tablets. Protects the browser and operating system against manipulations.

Now featuring IE & Chrome browser engine, and Windows 10 support!

Internet Content Filter

One important requirement is to prevent the display of undesirable content (e.g. pornography) on public computers and Kiosk. The SiteKiosk Plus and Pay versions allows you to activate the Internet Content Filter which will block these inappropriate WebPages based on predefined or custom filters.

Without content filter

With content filter

Real-time Filtering

Each webpage that the user attempts to navigate to will be checked by the internet content filter and will be either blocked or displayed. This process occurs in real-time, without any delay to the user.

Content Filter Database

The content filter database which is updated on a regular basis contains approximately 600,000 allowed and denied URLs as well as a large number of keywords.

Auto-Update functionality

SiteKiosk will check for updates to the content filter database every time the software is loaded.

User feedback

If users believe that a website is wrongfully blocked by the internet content filter, they will have the option to provide feedback via the SiteKiosk Interface.

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