Kiosk & Digital Signage Platform
Kiosk Lock Down
Interactive Digital Signage
Remote Management
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Secure kiosk platform


SiteKiosk is the software solution for securing publicly accessible POS terminals, Internet PCs, displays and tablets. Ensure the smooth operation of your application and protect the system from manipulation.

Digital Signage & App Construction Kit


The Kiosk CMS SiteCaster transforms any terminal into an interactive digital signage display. Whether simple presentations or complex applications with hardware interfaces: SiteCaster makes it possible.

Remote maintenance & -configuration


Monitor, manage and configure your terminals, displays and tablets remotely. Maintain the overview with statistics and reports or control entire groups of terminals with self-created jobs.

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NEW! Remote Control terminals via Smartphone or tablet: The newly developed Remote Input Client enables the remote control of kiosk terminals and displays with a mobile phone or tablet by simply scanning a QR code. The new feature is also a great choice for hosting presentations or to increase accessibility of the terminal. Download the Remote Input Client in your SiteRemote Team under "Administration" > "Downloads" > "Tools". For detailed information just click here.
#DEVBLOG: It`s (almost) magic! Today, we explain a special trick in our DevBlog, that helps you to work more efficently. Click here to get to the topic "The Powerful Run Executable Job Action Type of SiteRemote".
#UPDATE: The installation version of SiteRemote Server 6.3.0 is now available for all users who want to run their own SiteRemote server. Get it here.
#DEVBLOG: This time, in our blog we will explain to you how to keep additional windows visible when using SiteKiosk Windows in Fullscreen Mode without a taskbar.