Kiosk & Digital Signage Platform
Kiosk Lock Down
Interactive Digital Signage
Remote Management
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Secure kiosk platform


SiteKiosk is the software solution for securing publicly accessible POS terminals, Internet PCs, displays and tablets. Ensure the smooth operation of your application and protect the system from manipulation.

Digital Signage & App Construction Kit


The Kiosk CMS SiteCaster transforms any terminal into an interactive digital signage display. Whether simple presentations or complex applications with hardware interfaces: SiteCaster makes it possible.

Remote maintenance & -configuration


Monitor, manage and configure your terminals, displays and tablets remotely. Maintain the overview with statistics and reports or control entire groups of terminals with self-created jobs.

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#DEVBLOG: This DEVBLOG article describes how to start the SiteKiosk file manager from a custom button in the Chrome browser of SiteKiosk Windows. Article:
March 16th 2020
COVID-19: The effects of the coronavirus are now clearly felt by everyone on both a social and economic level. PROVISIO has taken all necessary internal precautions to ensure that our operations including customer support will continue. Please contact us should you have any questions.
#DEVBLOG: The latest DEVBLOG article describes how to start password protected applications from the SiteKiosk Windows Start Screen. Article:
URGENT ISSUE: The latest Windows patch from 02/11/2020 included a breaking change from Microsoft. The SiteKiosk user is left completely broken after this update. Please have a look at our FAQ for further information and fixes:
#DEVBLOG: Using tags to display variants of a SiteCaster project on different machines. Article: