Solutions designed for financial institutions

Aside from top-notch ease of use, there is one other paramount feature that a banking solution needs to deliver: Security!

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Solutions designed for Financial Institutions

We have tested a variety of kiosk solutions, but SiteKiosk won hands down as it clearly offered the best all-in-one solution for our purposes. Setting up this software is as easy as it gets and makes administrating the system a cinch. Thanks to SiteKiosk I was able to offer my company and our customers an affordable banking solution that requires next to no maintenance.
S. C. Hatch, Network Administrator
Central Florida Educators Federal Credit Union, USA

Online Banking at the Branch

How can banks increase the number of customers using their online banking solution? SiteKiosk allows customers to access their accounts on a secure and privacy-protected terminal set up at their local branch, engaging the customer and encouraging them to use the solution at home on their computers.

Customer consultants can discuss the benefits of managing bank accounts online directly with the customer at the branch. This is an excellent way to convince more reluctant customers to venture into this new technology.

Consulting Terminal

Financial products are rather complex as they involve a slew of different characteristics, possible applications and product details. A consulting terminal offers customers an easy-to-use tool that lets them review different options and products and decide whether a particular product is suited to satisfy their needs and requirements.

The terminals also allow customers to easily pull up every detail of a product - from product information sheets all the way to contractual terms.

Digital Signage Advertising Display

It is often the simple things that make or break the success of a business venture. Digital Signage solutions can be easily incorporated with the help of SiteRemote and SiteKiosk. Possible applications range from displaying sequences of images, videos, text or other advertising content. Digital signage content can also be used as attract loops to engage customers with workstations or consulting terminals.

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Sample project

Citibank kiosks

Since they included a web-based tool used to conduct customer surveys, the kiosk needed to offer top-level security. As the kiosks displaying the survey website are connected to the Internet, computer-savvy users tend to try and navigate to other websites, thereby potentially exposing the computer to viruses and other harmful Internet programs. Citibank and Parabit needed to reach a supreme level of security to ensure that the data entered by the customers at the terminals remained secure. Another objective was to safeguard the terminals against "computer vandalism", i.e. tampering with the operating system and vital folders/files, thereby causing malfunctions. Finally, the system these customers were looking for were supposed to suppress such functionality as the option to change the content displayed on the screen with the help of certain key combinations.

The solution: Citibank uses PROVISIO‘s SiteKiosk to protect their terminals against any kind of manipulation.

Solution partner: Parabit Systems Inc.