Solutions used in the Hotel and Restaurant Industry

Not surprisingly, this industry revolves around the aspect of service. Self-service systems can help you accomplish the stellar service you wish to provide to your customers.

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Solutions used in the Hotel and Restaurant Industry

Thank you for your excellent support and fast answers. SiteKiosk is well thought through and a professional developed program."
P. Mannestig
Långholmen Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden

The Lobby PC

One of the kiosk systems that can now be considered a classic is the Internet PC found in most hotel lobbies. These machines provide guests the experience of a standard PC workstation including keyboard and mouse and let them, for example, check in for their departure flight.

Even today, where the use of mobile Internet devices seems to have made traditional workstations obsolete, there is still a sizable demand for such additional services as printing boarding passes and other documents.

Interactive Digital Signage

No matter if they travel on business or for pleasure, every guest staying at a hotel benefits from quick and easy access to the Internet - whether they use it to gather information about the hotel or surrounding area, the meeting schedule, and transportation options or pull the latest news and weather forecasts. SiteKiosk is a digital signage and kiosk software that allows operators to seamlessly display content on interactive digital signage displays.

Digital Menu

Use our kiosk software SiteKiosk to show your smart-looking and engaging menus that are accurate to the day/minute and allow your guests to place their orders on a  Windows or Android tablet.

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Sample project

Roanoke Tourism

Roanoke Tourism was looking into an option to give tourists visiting their area pointers as to which local sights might be of interest to them. This Web application runs full screen in the secure SiteKiosk browser.

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