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Support Request: sitecaster


I'm testing siteremote. I have a full sitekios license. when I set up the screensaver as digital signage, and I publish a project.
This project is not published on the machine.

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Re: sitecaster 9/17/2018 9:06 AM

I am sorry but currently the SiteCaster CMS content cannot be displayed in the screensaver (the option you have chosen is the old “Digital Signage” feature).
The feature to display SiteCaster CMS content in the screensaver will be integrated to SiteKiosk 9.7 we plan to publish within the next 4-6 weeks.

Actually you need to make sure that SiteKiosk is running on the Windows client with a SiteCaster CMS configuration (choose "SiteCaster" at "-->Start Page & Browser" before starting SiteKiosk) so that the content will be downloaded.
You can find a step by step description of this in the "SiteCaster CMS - Tutorials" here (first video “01 - Quick-Start tutorial video”):

On the first startup of SiteKiosk after the installation the publish process can take a bit longer (15-20 Minutes) until the content is displayed as there might also be an App update necessary.
Also see “In some cases the published content might not be displayed immediately on the client machine.”:
You will also find corresponding messages in the SiteKiosk log.

Please find some videos here for further information:

Here an overview about SiteCaster CMS:

Here you can find the SiteCaster CMS online help:

Michael Olbrich