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Support Request: Sitekiosk will not automatically run under restricted account


I recently deactivated the auto-starter feature within SiteKiosk so that I could edit the relevant configuration file. I have now configured SiteKiosk to login automatically from the 'Sitekiosk' restricted account but at system start-up it just presents me with the 'restricted' desktop leaving me to manually launch SiteKiosk. When I disable the 'login automatically from restricted account' and enter the Administration username and password the process works fine. Windows starts - logs in to Administrator and launches SiteKiosk.

I have tried resetting the sitekiosk password under Windows (Control Panel - Users...) to the default 'provisio' but this make no difference. Also, when logged in as Administrator I can no longer launch 'System Security Manager'. The service seems to start but no Windows appears. If I run it a second time it says 'already running'.

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Re: Sitekiosk will not automatically run under restricted account 2/19/2010 11:50 AM

To start SiteKiosk automatically you usually just have to choose the “Auto Start” mode in the quick start dialog that will be displayed when you start SiteKiosk.

But when changing the password of the SiteKiosk user account without using the System-Security-Manager SiteKiosk it can ot work anymore as the SiteKiosk software doesn’t know the new password.
Usually you just have to reset the password of the SiteKiosk user was reset to
again. Then you should make sure that no other process “systemsecurity.exe” is running before starting the System-Security-Manager again (Task Manager).
Alternatively you can restart the system.

If this doesn’t work you might reinstall the SiteKiosk user account.
- Delete the SiteKiosk user in the Windows environment (-->Control Panel-->User Accounts)
- Open the command line (cmd.exe) and switch to the SiteKiosk Program Files directory (usually “C:\Program Files\SiteKiosk“).
- Enter the command “systemsecurity.exe /uninstall”
- When done, enter the command “systemsecurity.exe /install”
- Exit the command console and check the Windows user environment (-->Control Panel-->User Accounts) to see if the SiteKiosk user is present again.
- Launch the System Security Wizard and set it to "protected.”
This ensures that the default settings of the SiteKiosk user will be restored.

Michael Olbrich