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Архив: AOL Instant Messenger


I have allowed AIM to run, but am unable to close the windows created by it thru it's user menus, ie; the edit user preferences.... I've tried to use the windows management feature but I use the window titles and set them to be closed and they do not....
any help here?
thanks ben (using the Kiosk at a bar here, and AIM is a big request!)

Ответ: (1)

Re: AOL Instant Messenger 11.04.2002 17:54
I have to mention that sitekiosk can only control the browser itself and because of the window management it is possible to recognize some applications and to handle these programs in some way. But I have to make clear that sitekiosk can and does not control third party products and programs.
Regarding the window management: I would try to use a program like spy to get the window class of this application. The how to in described in the help file of sitekiosk. Please also note that IMO it is not very useful to allow this program as the AIM was developed for fixed users and not for a kiosk where the user always change.