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Digital Signage

Using the digital signage option, you can display digital signage content on the entire screen or in combination with the SiteKiosk browser.

This option is primarily intended for screens with larger resolutions. When using a resolution below a minimum width of 1024 pixels, many of the standard skins and the on-screen keyboards in SiteKiosk can only be used with restrictions.

If you run other applications in SiteKiosk, it is possible that it will be covered by the Digital Signage area. In this case, you can manually edit the topmost part of the SiteKiosk configuration file so that this area will no longer appear in front.

Normally, the mouse is confined to the SiteKiosk area of the screen. This option can also be manually adjusted by editing the workarea in the configuration file. 

The digital signage option requires the Digital Signage functions of SiteRemote. A SiteRemote team account must be created in order for the digital signage campaigns to be created and published to the selected machines.

1. Digital Signage Split Screen

Decide whether you would like the screen (the main screen if a second monitor is connected) to display only digital signage content, only SiteKiosk or a combination of both. If you want to combine Digital Signage and SiteKiosk, you can choose where to display those elements on the screen.

If a campaign has not been assigned to a machine or the first campaign has not been completely transferred to the machine, you will only see the SiteKiosk area until the first campaign is ready. The Digital Signage area will only be displayed directly when SiteKiosk start if it is being displayed on the entire screen even if there is no campaign.

If Digital Signage should use the entire screen, the checkbox to suppress the screensaver is active and enabled by default. Should you like to use the screensaver in combination with digital signage you can uncheck the box and edit the screensaver settings of SiteKiosk.

2. Digital Signage Size Calculation
When you create a Digital Signage campaign on SiteRemote Server you must specify the resolution of the campaign. The size calculation will help determine the appropriate values​​.


When calculating the size you don not set any values ​​in the configuration of SiteKiosk. The calculation is on used to determine the values ​​for use in SiteRemote. The SiteKiosk area will have a minimum size corresponding to the exit SiteKiosk dialog and cannot be lower than that.


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