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Using the kiosk content management system (CMS) SiteCaster requires a SiteRemote team, this will enable you to use the SiteCaster editor to create the content you want to display on your kiosk systems.

Choosing the SiteCaster option under Start Page & Browser will switch to a configuration editor view optimized for using a SiteCaster client.

The configuration editor view will only include the options required for running a SiteCaster kiosk system. The options include Password, CMS Settings, Surfing Area (to restrict the surfing area when using web pages for SiteCaster content), Maintenance, Access/Security, Logfiles, On-Screen Keyboard and Remote Monitoring.

The CMS Settings page provides a link to the browser-based SiteCaster Editor, that allows you to create and distribute content to the clients.
Additionally you can use the Customize button to edit local SiteCaster settings. These settings are generally useful if you are using web pages for SiteCaster content.

After creating and saving a CMS configuration, the configuration editor will automatically switch into the SiteCaster view, when opening that configuration. Once you create a new configuration or open a configuration, that does not use the SiteCaster option, the configuration editor will open with its standard view.

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